In the beginning of 2016 I was feeling very depressed and anxious.

In what felt like a good move for my business, I gave someone else who was better qualified my COO position, which left me with no position at all. The situation left me grabbing at straws for anything I could provide value at, and I was just causing problems for my own company. I felt shitty for taking a paycheck for doing nothing. I felt like I was letting my team down.

And the result for me, was massive anxiety, feeling really lost, and depressed.

I really wanted to figure out my value to the people in our company. But deeper than that, I really wanted to understand my bigger picture.

So next,

I basically went on a 6 month journey to figure it out. I attended conferences. I consulted with mentors. I read books. I even tried yoga, which at the time was very “un” me.

In the meantime, I was attempting to provide value at our company by being a coach to our team. And I was TERRIBLE at it. I inadvertently gave advice that they shouldn’t have listened to. Things like “Work harder.
Keep your head down.”

And then something changed...

One day in October of 2016, I was coaching our COO Jonathan, and I finally embraced a lesson on active listening that I had read about in a coaching book
I was studying, and – it worked!

For the first time ever, I could see that my coaching did something besides make me feel better about me.

I felt my calling. Something in me knew I had a
passion for continual growth as a coach and that I could provide
substantial growth to others.

Jonathan and I flying to Sedona, AZ on a work day to blow off some steam.


My title is Chief Leader of Vision Tech Team. I run a distributed leadership. I delegate. Help coach and understand. And my philosophy is if someone isn’t set up for success, it’s my fault. The heart of my coaching is what I call Strategic Learning, a goal based learning process. It’s a core philosophy of my life.
I love what I do. 

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